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What’s in a pencil? A hundred new ideas. The start of a story. A to-do list that brings you to the place you want to be. What’s in a pencil is what’s in your future. Because by the time you’ve sharpened it for the last time, your world is going to look different. 

These 7 foil-stamped pencils—one inspiring motto for each day of the week—pair beautifully with our Motto Journals. And featuring an elegant grayboard box, this is a pencil set you’ll want to keep on your desk every day of the week. 

Pencil statements include:

Now is the time
Why not?
Anything is possible
Make mistakes
Start today
Use your words
Make it happen

  • Box: 8.5”H x 3.125”W
  • 7 foil-stamped graphite pencils, each a different-colored exterior
  • Grayboard pencil box

One Week of Mottos

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